How does all of this work? Well, it can get complicated; but I do everything I can to ensure efficiency and simplicity from start to finish - and beyond. Typically my website creation process looks something like this:

  • Our First ContactOpen or Close

    First ContactIt all starts when you call or email me for the first time. This initial contact involves a couple of questions about your business, some of your likes/dislikes, and what type of website you need. Chances are I've probably already built a website similar to what you are wanting. So with the information from this initial interview, I'll be able to give you a rough estimate of what your project will cost.

  • A few words about pricingOpen or Close

    A few words about pricingYou will find many design companies who claim that they will "build you a website" for cheap. The difference is - how effective will this kind of web design be in making you look good to your customers and converting their good opinion of you into sales?

    The complexity of your project and my work queue determine the price and schedule. Crafting custom, professionally designed, and performance-optimized websites take time, and estimates are based on how many hours will have to go into each website and are given out on a per project basis. I do everything I can to provide balanced services & fair rates and I will do the best to work within your budget and maximize the value of your web design project.

  • Planning & ResearchOpen or Close

    Planning & ResearchDetailed research and a good plan are keys to any successful project. I take time to research the regional market for your business, check out who some of your competitors are, and learn as much about you & your customers as I can. Once this has all been analyzed and understood, I will tailor a Website Design Proposal and Contract which will outline the best & most effective plan for your new website.

  • Design & DevelopmentOpen or Close

    Design & DevelopmentNow that we have a solid plan and required materials have been gathered - then the magic happens. First off you'll be sent some Sketches & Style Guides; which will show you what your website will closely resemble - and how it will work. Then I'll start adding code & controls which will breathe life into your website. Feedback is welcomed and encouraged during this phase of development.

  • Optimization, Testing, & LaunchOpen or Close

    Optimization, Testing, & LaunchJust prior to launch, the site undergoes an optimization process and thorough testing in areas such as accessibility, usability, performance, security, cross-browser compatibility and more. Once optimization & testing is complete, and you have signed off on the final product; the website is considered complete & gets handed off to you. I then submit your site to the search engines for indexing and you can now start telling the world about it!

  • Maintenance, Analytics, & ImprovementsOpen or Close

    Maintenance, Analytics, & ImprovementsAfter the site is launched, the 'bedding in' period begins. For the next three months, your new website will be closely monitored, bug fixes will be administered, and additional tweaks will be implemented as needed.

    For best possible long term results, I highly recommend having a regular maintenance plan as well. This puts your website 100% in my hands at all times. You won't have to worry about your performance on search engines, software updates, or what happens if your site crashes - I'll be here to take care of all that for you.

At the end of the day, the work I'll create for you will be great looking and will fulfill the goals you have set for your products, services and business.